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The Endurance4life is a company that actuate in various ways, changing lifes and improving the well-being to his students

Our company has individual live trainings, online and in groups for various modalities. We also do labor gymnastics for other companies.

Our training routine are customized according the focus of each one. All planned so that you can fit in your rythm. This is the idea that we focus while doing the routines of ours students whatever the modalities they choose.

For that we use an online training plataform where the students access their trainings by smartphones or laptops, send their feedback after the activity so that the instructor in charge can mesure the results! All that is done in direct contact throught WhatsApp, E-mail or the online plataform.

You have the freedom to choose the best hour of the day to do your exercises and will have in your hands all of your training routine to do.

Leandro Pardo Menezes

Head Coach



  • Graduate in Physical Education – BRA
  • Personal Trainer – USA
  • Psychology of Sports Course
  • Specialist in Physical Conditioning
  • Ultra Distance Triathlete
  • CREF 025044 – G/SC

E-mail: leandro@endurance4lifesports.com

Instagram: @endurance4life.sports


Run for your goals

Our focus is in custom training routines, considering always the goal and purpose of each one.

  • Labor Gymnastics for Companies 100% 100%
  • Fat percentage reduction training 100% 100%
  • Increase or keeping of the body lean mass 100% 100%
  • Enhance of the Cardiorespiratory Capacity 100% 100%
  • Enhance in personal performance 100% 100%

Take the risk and live again

To have life quality is necessary some effort to take your training routines to the next level. See some reports that can help

The Endurance4life is a company that acts in various ways, changing lifes and bringing quality of life to his clients.

End.: Rua General Liberato Bittencourt, 1885 Sala 504 - Estreito - Florianópolis / SC, Brasil

+1 (954) 371-9406 (EUA)
+55 (48) 9.9912.8593 (BRA)



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Be Endurance4Life, we have presencial training, online and with groups for several modalities


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