The run is a practice that has been gaining many fans in Brazil and the world. That’s because, theoretically, to run two elements are enough: a running shoes and willpower. However, this is not only about this, other grounds are needed to practice this sport.

Currently, race events are part of the “athletics” sport and are divided into speed and endurance events. Today there is a very wide calendar with several racing events, which shows its even greater popularization.

They are street races and also on off road terrain. We can find evidence with several distances from 5km to even an ultramarathon with more than 100kms, where they require even greater training of greater resistance.
So far, we treat the run as a competition sport.

Now let’s think of the run as an activity that people practice aimed at maintaining their health. Does the run only bring benefits? Can all people run?
Currently, it is known that for the practice of any physical activity it is necessary that the practitioner is aware of his physical preparation: if a sedentary person wants to start the practice of the race, he should always go through a transition period through moderate walk, passing to intense walking, until you start the easy run. It is also possible that intense walking and hazing interval, until cardiorespiratory capacity meets a moderate or even intense run.

It is known that running helps control body mass (increasing muscle mass and reducing the fat mass), which helps maintain diabetes control, which helps reduce emotional background problems, among other things.

However, running has an intense impact on the joints of the lower limbs. And to minimize this impact you need to use a tennis with good cushioning and not be too overweight.

Overweight increases the impact on the joint.
Another necessary care is to consult a cardiologist before starting practice, in order to check if there are no heart problems. This is because in case of any pathology one should adapt and better control the type of activity proposed. Therefore, always consult a cardiologist before starting the practice of running.

After this just follow the planning assembled and structured by your coach, in an individualized way, personalized and directed to your goal.

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