Personal Trainer

He acts as a private teacher, working with one student at a time and taking into account the characteristics, objectives and limitations of that person.

The visits can be performed in places of preference of students, such as in their residence, academies or in external areas of their choice.

Personal Trainer will:
• Conduct a physical evaluation of the client,
• Identify risk factors, health problems, which may restrict some type of activity or exercise.
• Define a physical training plan that includes goals and deadlines
• Advise on clothing, footwear and all other personal equipment necessary for sports;
• Periodically reevaluate the results achieved and verify the effectiveness of the training program;
• Readjust the exercise plan whenever necessary.
With the help of a Personal Trainer you will be able to optimize and further accelerate your results in the search for your goal.

The Endurance4life is a company that acts in various ways, changing lifes and bringing quality of life to his clients.

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