Labor Gymnastics for Companies

The regular practice of occupational gymnastics in companies helps maintain the health of employees. The exercises can be done two to three times a week, with the help of a professional hired by the company, or even outsourcing the service – through companies that specialize in quality of life at work.

The exercises usually last from 10 to 20 minutes and bring benefits to both the employee and the company. This is because, after hours of work, people often suffer from lower back, neck, shoulder, arm and leg pain – the result of repetitive and non-stop movements that end up causing health problems to the worker.

Benefits of occupational gymnastics

There are several gains from the practice of labor gymnastics. For the body, it promotes more disposition and well-being, prevents functional diseases such as WRMD and RSI, as well as improving body posture, endurance, flexibility and coordination of movements. This contributes to the decrease of inflammation, muscle tension and trauma. In addition, there are other benefits like:

  • help in changing employee routine
  • assists in the development of body awareness
  • improves concentration at work
  • combats emotional tensions
  • raises employee self-esteem

Companies that invest in occupational gymnastics are evidenced as organizations that care about the health of the employee, which makes them more humane.

The social factor is also related to occupational gymnastics, as people have more contact with each other and work better in teams, as gymnastics help them lose their shyness.
It can also be done before, during and after work, with each exercise having a specific purpose.

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