Functional Training

Functional training is pulling, pushing, stabilizing, lifting, crouching, throwing, running or jumping to make the body a tool that produces more efficient movements, improving performance and preventing injuries, in a process of learning, challenge and constant evolution.

What determines the dynamics of everything that is done is the goals, real needs and movement potential of each athlete or student. The professional’s challenge is to think systemically, as the natural way to exercise is to work the body globally.

Functional training when properly applied provides a variety of additional stimuli and benefits that other modalities cannot achieve. For most everyday movements or sports gestures involve multiarticular and multiplanar actions, requiring dynamic patterns that require force transfer between the upper and lower extremities of the body.

So we can say that functional training generally serves to train the body in the functions for which it was originally designed. For rehabilitation, it serves to condition the patient to return to his daily activities of life. For the athlete, it is a training strategy that focuses on constantly stimulating movement patterns to improve their performance. And for the so-called “ordinary” person it involves training the body for its day to day activities.

Its implementation as physical activity may be according to teachers and students in its dynamics and consequently the motivation.

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