Swimming is as old as man, because from the beginning of time, it was necessary to swim to get around and feed, cross rivers, lakes and seas in search of shelter and food.

Swimming only began to be organized in the seventeenth century in Japan, where the Emperor determined that it be taught and practiced in schools, but as Japan was a closed country, this did not spread to the rest of the world.

It was in England in 1837 that swimming was organised as competition for the first time, when the British Swimming Society was founded. At first, the style adopted by athletes was breast swimming. In the 1870s, J. Arthur Trudgeon, an English swimming instructor, traveled to South America and observed an alternative style of swimming. He took the new style to England, where he was called trudgeon swim today, known as swim crawl with scissor leg.

In 1893 still his feet made a scissor movement, then a movement of hectic legs in the vertical called the Australian crawl was adopted.
Currently swimming is practiced in 4 styles: crawl, coast, chest and butterfly, being the fastest crawl.

Worldwide, the one who controls swimming is FINA.

One of the other swimming benefits concerns increased self-esteem. Sports-playing individuals feel safer and are generally more independent. In addition, water provides a freedom of movement not comparable to other dry activities. The playful nature is an important coadjutor of mental relaxation.
Another aspect of swimming that is very important is the delay of the consequences of aging, both physically and psychologically.
In reality, swimming interferes and works throughout the body’s muscles, and the amortization of the impact of the swimmer’s movements by water makes almost null the probability of suffering any injury.

In addition, swimming helps burn calories (reaching 600 per hour). It also improves motor coordination and activates memory as it ensures excellent brain oxygenation.
Swimming is one of the great allies in combating stress, because the enormous concentration necessary to reconcile breathing and movements leads to a sublimation of tensions and a distancing from everyday problems.

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