Bodybuilding is a type of exercise performed with weights of various loads, amplitude and time of contraction, which makes it a suitable physical activity for people of different ages and with different goals.

Bodybuilding is different from bodybuilding, weightlifting, as these are sport and that one form of exercise.

Bodybuilding is on the rise these days, as well as helping to burn fat before and after training, working the muscles and shaping the body to make it firmer and more beautiful.

Weight training helps with weight loss, increases daily calorie expenditure and stimulates metabolism. Prevents osteoporosis by stimulating the production of bone mass. It can prevent diabetes as increased muscle mass burns more glucose.

In older people, these weight exercises stop mobility loss and muscle atrophy, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

The benefits of bodybuilding are: eliminating fat, increasing muscle mass, increasing muscle strength, improving heart activity, posture, self-esteem, sleep, wellbeing, depression, increasing endurance. immune system. Soothes cellulite because weight training prevents sagging and defines muscles.

The results obtained do not only depend on the type of training, other factors such as flexibility, cardiorespiratory conditioning, type of diet and heredity are also important.

Most people are still looking for this modality to improve their aesthetic appearance, so the goal should be the result of a well-oriented and safe activity.

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