The bicycle is a means of transportation used by many people to get to work, school, university, and outings with friends. But in addition, cycling can be used to keep fit. When practiced correctly, the benefits are many, including: muscular endurance; improvement of fitness, cardiac, respiratory and vascular systems; helps eliminate localized fats; reduces stress; excellent aerobic and anaerobic activity; caloric expenditure of up to 600 Kcal / hour.

As a sport, cycling began in England in the mid-nineteenth century, when the refinement of the vehicle made it possible to reach higher speeds. The sport is governed by several rules and falls into four categories, namely: road racing, track racing, mountain racing and BMX. The objective of the participants is to reach a certain goal first or to accomplish a certain route in the shortest possible time. The cyclist is called a cyclist.

In Mountain Bike there are several categories that are divided into more or less radical, they are: Cross Country, Free Ride, Down Hill

During cycling, the use of a helmet is essential as safety equipment. As it is a sport with low impact, it is excellent for fitness improvement and for those seeking weight reduction.

Besides the helmet, other equipment used in cycling are: headlight, water bottle, comfortable clothes such as lycra, tennis and cycling shoes.

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